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Rover Lotus Shifter Kit - Version 2

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Version 2 kits are now in stock. Limited quantities available. PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR ORDERS TO BE DISPATCHED.

Designed to significantly improve both shifter feel and accuracy, our kit is a complete replacement for the original gear change assembly in Rover powered Elise S1 & S2, Exige & 340r models (not Toyota). 

Add aftermarket cable fittings +

Add gearbox crossgate linkage +

Prodimex shifter kit improvements over the stock unit:

  • Complete new gear shifter mechanism machined from billet aluminium.
  • Top quality PTFE lined spherical bearing pivot - maintenance and wear free.
  • Crossgate centre return spring for improved shift feel and self centring.
  • End stop screw for the 1st-2nd gear gate to improve shift feel.
  • Ballraced pivots for zero free play.
  • Mount brace to connect the shifter directly to the floor. Optional installation of an extra rivnut to stabilise the mount (please see Important Notes below).
  • Complete new crossgate bellcrank for the gearbox side cable connections - significantly better quality than stock for longer life and smoother shifts.
  • Supplied with uprated cable bushes / bearings.
  • No modification to the car necessary and it fits under the original plastic gear shift cover.

The precision assembly ensures there is no unwanted mechanical play in the gear selector assembly, so the only limiting factor with this kit is the gearbox itself. Unlike other short shifters on the market, this kit reduces both crossgate and shift throw. The result of this is no unwanted slop in the gear change and much more precise gear selection.

Included parts:

  • Pre-assembled aluminium shifter with stainless steel gear stick (your original gear knob will fit).
  • Aluminium shifter mount brace.
  • Aluminium crossgate bellcrank & mount.
  • Mounting hardware inc. rivnut for extra floor mounting point.

OEM cable version:

  • PTFE lined spherical bearings & bronze bushes to replace gear cable bushes. Bearing installation tool and bushing retaining clip included.

Aftermarket cable version:

  • Custom machined cable ends containing PTFE lined spherical bearings. Please specify in the "order comments" section when ordering if you have Eliseparts or Eliseshop cables.

    Version 2 upgrades

    This is the "version 2" type and includes numerous small improvements over the original kit.

    The main improvements are an improved crossgate return spring and some small reliability and installation improvements.

    We have also reduced weight from the shifter and crossgate bellcrank by machining away unnecessary material.

    Note: photos are due to be updated for new version as of 05/04/2022.

    Version 2 installation instructions will be available before kits are dispatched.

    Important Notes

    The shifter itself is universal for both RHD and LHD cars, however the mount brace component is different. LHD and RHD units are available so please specify which version you require.

    For RHD cars, one extra rivnut can be installed optionally in the floor, or two rivnuts for LHD versions. This is recommended but not a requirement if you wish to keep the car original.

    The kits are designed to work with a fitting kit. If you have OEM gear cables then please specify in the order comments section and the OEM cable kit will be included at no extra charge. If you have aftermarket cables, please purchase the aftermarket cable fitting kit.

    If you have not replaced your gearbox crossgate linkage in the past, it is recommended to purchase a new one.

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